March Cash Prize Contest Results

March 2023 — Four winners get Lucky!

Kathy K
2 min readApr 8


Lucky is happy for the winners of the March contest — image created by author in Midjourney

The March contest is officially over and 6 writers entered the contest last month. All the stories were triple drabbles (exactly 300 words) and everyone wrote about a fictionalized true story about themselves.

Thanks for entering the contest Tovah Rainsong, Colleen Millsteed, Rayne Sanning, Jonathon Sawyer, Chris Yanda, and J.C. Lovero


First Place — $20

Colleen Millsteed writes about her sense of direction. Fantastic story, relatable and well written.

Second Place — $15

Rayne Sanning writes a common story about tooth fairies with a wonderful ending.

Third Place — $10

Chris Yanda writes a descriptive story about the pain of new shoes. Great ending!

Fourth Place — $5

J.C. Lovero writes a story about family trauma at an early age.

Congrats to all the winners and special thanks to guest judge Marlene Daley for reading the stories and helping to pick out the winners!



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