March Cash Prize Contest Results

March 2023 — Four winners get Lucky!

Kathy K
2 min readApr 8, 2023
Lucky is happy for the winners of the March contest — image created by author in Midjourney

The March contest is officially over and 6 writers entered the contest last month. All the stories were triple drabbles (exactly 300 words) and everyone wrote about a fictionalized true story about themselves.

Thanks for entering the contest Tovah Rainsong, Colleen Millsteed, Rayne Sanning, Jonathon Sawyer, Chris Yanda, and J.C. Lovero


First Place — $20

Colleen Millsteed writes about her sense of direction. Fantastic story, relatable and well written.

Second Place — $15

Rayne Sanning writes a common story about tooth fairies with a wonderful ending.



Kathy K

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