Hi! And thanks for visiting my About page. I'll keep it short for both of our sakes - read on for some info about me.


November 2021 was when I started on Medium. I learned, wrote stories, gained 100 followers, joined the Medium Partner Program, and started earning money in December.

In the first few months, I discovered publications, editors, Medium rules, claps, comments, and camaraderie. I needed that last one the most!

It was February 2022 when the direction of my writing changed from random story writing to a more determined focus. That was the time when one of my ‘comrades’ from the months before asked me to partner with him in hosting a publication. I said, “I don’t know how,” and he said, “that’s OK, I’ll teach you.” And so I started helping out with the Are You Out There (AYOT) publication.

Recently, I dropped all my editing duties to concentrate on managing my two pubs and writing. Both pubs are important to me because I love to write about both fiction and mental health. 🦋 Imaginative Fiction Out There — short stories, fiction series, web novels, fiction resources, writing prompts 🐞Inside Neurodivergence — mental health articles and stories of autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and more

Over my long lifetime, I’ve had dozens of hobbies, but writing was not one of them until I joined Medium. It has been the most fulfilling, enjoyable, and therapeutic hobby that I’ve ever pursued!


I live in Washington state, USA, not far from the Vancouver, BC, Canadian border. After being widowed in late 2015, I moved here in early 2017 to become reacquainted with a friend from high school and ended up marrying him soon thereafter. 💚 💜

We are both retired with no kids or grandkids around. However, we do have two young mini Aussies who have no problem being fun and entertaining!

Thanks for reading about me!

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Kathy K

Kathy K

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I write about mental health and fiction, mostly dystopian. Imaginatively unusual is preferable but not always possible for me.