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November 2021 was when I started on Medium. I learned, wrote stories, gained 100 followers, joined the Medium Partner Program, and started earning money in December.

In the first few months, I discovered publications, editors, Medium rules, claps, comments, and camaraderie. I needed that last one the most!

It was February 2022 when the direction of my writing changed from random story writing to a more determined focus. That was the time when one of my ‘comrades’ from the months before asked me to partner with him in hosting a publication. I said, “I don’t know how,” and he said, “that’s OK, I’ll teach you.”

So the Are You Out There (AYOT) publication was born. And it’s grown and expanded in ways I could never have imagined. I even started two publications as part of AYOT, never thought that would happen! 🦋 Imaginative Fiction Out There — shorts, serials, web novels, all fiction 💲 The Pros and Cons — hosting cash prize contests with a ‘Lucky’ mascot 📕 Click here to find the entire AYOT Family, all of which I help out as editor.

Other pubs that I’ve either started or help out as editor include: — Inside Neurodivergence — true stories of autism, ADHD and others — Web Novel Reviews — a pub for review and support of web novels


I live in Washington state, USA, not far from the Vancouver, BC, Canadian border. After being widowed in late 2015, I moved here in early 2017 to become reacquainted with a friend from high school and ended up marrying him soon thereafter. 💚 💜

We are both retired with no kids or grandkids around. So instead, we have an old cat and two young dogs. It gets chaotic at times, but we’re hoping it calms down when the pups get a bit older and wiser!

Over my long lifetime, I’ve had dozens of hobbies, but writing was not one of them until I joined Medium last November. You would likely see me as a newbie writer. I would have to agree and also say that it has been the most fulfilling, enjoyable, and therapeutic hobby that I’ve ever pursued!

Thanks for reading about me. I hope I didn’t break my promise to keep it short, I suppose that would depend entirely upon your definition of ‘short’! **************************************************************************Find me, Kathy K: 🦋Kathy K’s Medium profile page 🦋 🦋Subscribe to my stories by email 🦋 🦋Join Medium with my referral link🦋

Finally, you can view my writing on Medium here: 🧡 💛 Kathy’s Curated Compositions 💚 💜 (my friend chose the hearts)


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Kathy K

Kathy K

I’m a writer of truth and fantasy, learning and growing every day, connected with many publications and many people.